Since 1921

Metodo ALMINI Reverse

The challenge was the creation of a perfect men’s shoe: several years of study were carried out to refine this ancient procedure and be able to apply it to all our creations.

It's the year of the Tiger

Exclusive tattoos made on Almini’s iconic creations. Find out how to customize your unique Almini creation


As a glove on your feet.

It is a complex, entirely manual method where the upper is stitched backwards directly to the sole and then turned over by hand:
Metodo Almini Reverse.

Makers of beauty in every single detail.

A story of contemporary Italian lifestyle
Since 1921.


Enjoy your SHOPPY.

Soft and silky touch. Timeless style.

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Careful design, meticulous selection of materials and assiduous search for perfection: this is the secret behind the philosophy of a brand that in its history finds the foundations for an innovative strength.


Each part of our creations is treated as living material in continuous evolution and the method requires great skill, sensitivity to the material, and experience, which has been handed down through multiple generations of artisans.

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Italian experience and elegance.