The Almini family, now in its fourth generation, has after nearly a century decided to reintroduce to the old method used by our founder Pietro and make it known to all shoe lovers and connoisseurs.

It is a complex method executed entirely by hand: the upper is turned inside out and stitched directly into the sole, and then turned back out by hand. Each part of the shoe is treated as living material in continuous evolution and the method requires great skill, sensitivity to the material, and experience, which has been handed
down through multiple generations of artisans.

The Result is the 
sensation of putting a glove on your feet.


All Almini shoes are painted by hand, both the upper and the sole, imbuing each pair with elegance and uniqueness. With this technique we obtain personal and one-of-a-kind patinas.

Cucitura a pizzicotto

This refined technique, carried out by expert hands on the finished shoe, allows us to create custom decorations with precision and perfect symmetry.


Decorations that are made by perforating the leather, done by hand on the finished shoe, allowing us to satisfy any particular aesthetic needs.

Metodo Almini

The sensation of putting a glove on your feet.

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