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GHISA Alligator

Inspired by the one used by the Milan police called "Ghisa". Created with Louisiana Alligator belly, it can be used both folded and unfolded. Handle on top, iconic Almini closure, Handmade Patina for a unique style.

BACKPACK Alligator

Backpack in soft Piuma leather and Louisiana Alligator. Handmade patina by our expert artisan. Double zip pocket on the right side, alligator handle on top and left side, main pocket closure with leather strap.

INFINITO Alligator

Iconic shoes, one piece of Louisiana Alligator belly. Handmade Triplo Infinito Pizzicotto stitching, symbol of the Almini philosophy since 1921. Entirely handstitched sole, extremely light and flexible. Extraordinary essential look.

PENNY Alligator

Unique style and refinement for this Penny loafer with hand stitch details on the upper. Made entirely in Louisiana Alligator leather. Produced with our unique Metodo Almini.

CUCITA Alligator

Louisiana Alligator handmade belt with an extra flexible structure, buckle made of 3 layers of hand-dyed pressed leather. To make it even more precious, Handmade Patina. Included on sale: please provide your waist size during order, one of our artisans will adjust the belt to your measurements.

DOC Alligator

Louisiana Alligator briefcase with zip opening on three sides. Front zip pocket and handle on the top. Made even more precious by our handmade Patina.


Larger and more structured version of our iconic Ghisa bag, made in Louisiana Alligator belly. Handle on top, double internal bellows, Almini closure. Handmade patina, simple excellence.

PLUS Alligator

Material: Piuma Leather and Alligator Details: Handmade Patina

mini PLUS Alligator

Material: Alligator Details: Handmade Patina

POCKET ZIP Alligator

Material: Alligator Details: Handmade Patina

MONETINO Alligator

Material: Alligator Details: Handmade Patina

ITALIANO Alligator

Bag with adjustable front handle, main zip pocket and second back zip pocket. Entirely handmade with Louisiana Alligator. Exclusive Almini Patina.